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Transferring Your Drawing

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    Find something you want to transfer your traced drawing onto. Use a sheet of sketchbook paper, watercolor paper, a canvas, or any other medium that pencil will show up on. Make sure you’re transferring the traced drawing onto something that’s light-colored so the pencil shows up.
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    Tape your traced drawing face down on your new medium. Use masking tape or office tape. Position the tracing paper so the traced drawing is lined up with the spot you want it to transfer onto. The side of the tracing paper you drew on should be facing down.[4]
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    Rub the back of the traced drawing to transfer it onto the medium below. Use your pencil, the end of a marker, or another hard object. Apply pressure as you rub over all of the lines in your traced drawing. The pressure will cause the graphite on the other side of the tracing paper to transfer onto the medium below it.[5]
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    Remove the tracing paper. Peel off the tape and set the tracing paper aside. There should be a faded copy of the drawing you traced on the new medium. If there are spots that didn’t transfer, fill them in with the pencil.[6]
Finish your transferred drawing. Go over the lines with the pencil so they’re more defined. When you’re finished, you can leave it as is or enhance your drawing with ink, colored pencil, or paint.
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